INGY unveils its smart lighting solution at Building Holland

Amsterdam, March 26, 2019

Ingy will be introducing its smart-lighting solution for the first time at Building Holland in Amsterdam.

Ingy has created a lighting control solution which comes with a wide range of sensors integrated into the hardware as standard. This means that once the luminaires are installed into the ceiling, customers do not only get high quality, energy efficient lighting, their building is immediately equipped with a pre-installed solution to turn the building smart. The solution is built around a unique business model where the lighting solution comes at no additional cost to the customer when compared to a lighting solution including standalone/non-connected lighting sensors, while offering significant additional value in term of lighting control, by offering easy mobile phone based commissioning and full wireless connectivity between the sensors. On top of this customers can activate the additional sensors making their building smart, customers only pay for the additional beyond lighting functionality when they are actually used. “We believe that our business model is really enabling a step change in the industry”, states Bastiaan de Groot, CEO at Ingy. “Previously customers had to significantly increase their upfront investments in their lighting budget, for an uncertain return later when they wanted to use their lighting to turn their building smart. With our solution this is no longer the case: the lighting budget remains unchanged, but you already have everything in your building to make it smart, which means that when you are ready to make your building smart, you significantly save on the installation, battery and hardware costs”. Ingy supports an ever-growing list of smart lighting applications with their hardware platform, including asset tracking, indoor navigation, occupancy analytics, indoor climate monitoring, call buttons.

“Many talk about the possibilities of using lighting as the digital infrastructure of the building. This absolutely makes sense: lighting is everywhere, it is connected and already powered, making it the ideal carrier for smart-building sensors. However, few have been able to move beyond the most simple case of occupancy analytics, we are showing a full spectrum solution with the widest range of smart-building application integrated on a lighting control solution in the market” Bastiaan continues.
Unlike most other smart lighting solutions Ingy does not come with its own portal, instead Ingy provides links to a large amount of existing building portals, customer can also integrate the Ingy API to include their data directly into their own IT infrastructure. This enables customers to remain fully in control of their data and integrate the data into their current infrastructure and processes, instead of adjusting their current situation to the solution of the smart lighting provider.
“We believe the lighting industry became greedy, claiming that they will own the data and become the party to visualize the data for the customer. This is thinking from your interests and not that of the customer”, states Bastiaan. “We believe we are the best at making a building wide sensor solution build around lighting as the carrier, this is our focus. The analytics, storing and presenting of the data we gladly leave to others that are specialized in this area and that already provide the tools and integrations our customers ask for”

Ingy is a start-up founded by two industry veterans: Bastiaan de Groot – formerly the global head of strategy for Feilo-Sylvania and Casper Vulling an entrepreneur for 20 years in the lighting industry. The company is rapidly taking a leading position in the smart lighting industry by pulling together a wide ecosystem of solution components and forming a scalable, user friendly and extendable smart-lighting system.

To learn more about the Ingy solution, please visit our stand at building holding or that of our lighting partner Interlight (Booth 12.20), or contact for more information.

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