Ingy Demonstrates the Value of the Gooee® Platform Through Integration of its In-house Smart Solutions

Amsterdam/London, April 8, 2019

Gooee has developed a revolutionary Building Intelligence Platform that enables building owners to get a unified view and control of all connected devices & data in their building through Gooee’s BuildviewTM, SpaceViewTM and LightviewTM SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

The principle of the Gooee platform based ecosystem is to encourage partners to integrate Gooee technology into their products, resell Gooee SaaS and develop their own IP around it. This allows partners to create customised solutions for end users, built on an award-winning, secure and certified platform.

Ingy has been developing a modular lighting control solution focusing on installations where cloud connectivity is not immediately required, By connecting the Ingy solution into the Gooee platform, end users can upgrade to enterprise level cloud connectivity at a later stage.

Neil Salt, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Gooee: “As an open, interoperable platform we provide our in-house solutions whilst encouraging partners to develop and integrate their own solutions to build out the smart building ecosystem. This provides personalisation, flexibility and freedom to end users.

Ingy have embraced the Gooee platform and been active in developing solutions around lighting control and asset tracking. The integration with Ingy’s solution is fast tracking through our validation process to ensure end-to-end performance and data integrity for the end customers.”

Bastiaan de Groot, CEO of Ingy: “We believe that Gooee integration will add huge amounts of value to customers of both our companies and provide an extremely rich set of tools to visualise and analyse the data collected. Additionally, customers can easily integrate into other systems that are on their Gooee platform, including the HVAC systems.”

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