Ingy announces integration of EnOcean’s new multisensor

March 3, 2020

Ingy, a global provider of smart lighting solutions and  EnOcean, world leader of the patented energy harvesting technology, announce the successful integration of the EnOcean solar-powered multisensor into the Ingy smart lighting network.

EnOcean has successfully developed a new multisensor which integrates temperature, humidity, lighting, acceleration and magnetic contact sensors in a standardized form factor. Based on the energy harvesting technology, the energy is stored in an integrated solar cell. Thus, the multisensor works battery-free and wireless, providing customers the ultimate freedom to place the sensor wherever they like while at the same time avoiding the high total cost of ownership and potential disruption of services that is linked to battery-powered sensors.

Ingy is one of the global leaders in wireless smart lighting technology. Ingy provides a fully cloud connected smart lighting system built around a highly scalable wireless mesh network. By integrating the EnOcean wireless multisensor into the Ingy wireless mesh, its messages can be relayed over the Ingy wireless mesh to a central gateway and from there can be connected to the cloud and integrated into any smart building portal of the customers’ choice.

The highlighted combination provides customers accurate data including the lowest TCO of on EnOcean sensors and the benefits of a sensor that can be fully cloud-connected.

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