Ingy & Wirepas announce the Ingy Smart Lighting solution on Wirepas Mesh

February 24, 2020

Ingy and Wirepas announce the general availability of the Ingy Smart Lighting Application layer on top of Wirepas Mesh.

The two companies have been cooperating over the last 18 months to develop a wireless smart lighting system which combines the world leading Wirepas Mesh technology with the decades of experience of the Ingy team in smart lighting.

The Ingy Smart Lighting solution provides lighting and lighting sensor manufacturers looking to create a smart lighting system on top of the Wirepas Mesh, with a plug and play solution that enables them to create full smart lighting solution in a matter of weeks. At the same time the modular approach allows them to optimize their unit cost by making more cost-effective designs, all the way up to licensing the software stack and making their own hardware designs. Alternatively, the Ingy Smart Lighting solution can be fully white labeled, allowing manufacturers to launch the solution under their own brand.

The Ingy smart lighting solution helps customers looking to build a lighting application on top of Wirepas Mesh with a fast time-to-market by providing all the needed components including software, hardware components, tooling and 3rd party integrations:

The Ingy Smart Lighting System differentiates itself in terms of:

  • Scalability – leveraging the Wirepas proven ability to scale to hundreds of thousands of nodes in one single network.
  • Breadth of “Beyond Lighting” applications – including asset tracking, indoor navigation, occupancy analytics, climate monitoring and many others, by leveraging the world-class Wirepas positioning technology and its wide ecosystem of smart building sensors.
  • Out-of-the-box integration – with a wide range of smart building portal solutions from the Ingy ecosystem including: Planon, Spacewell, Ultimo, GOOEE, Systematic and Skyspark.

 “By utilising Wirepas as the foundation, on top of which we have built our Smart Lighting solution, this has given us an enormous competitive advantage. We see many of our competitors struggling to get their wireless mesh to the scale that is required to have their lighting operate as the backbone of their smart building, which typically requires a mesh network with 10,000+ nodes. As we are building on the proven Wirepas Mesh technology this is never an issue for us”, says Bastiaan de Groot CEO at Ingy.

“We are very excited about this cooperation with Ingy. We both embrace an open architecture with an ecosystem play and have a clear focus on respective parts in the overall IoT stack for lighting and beyond.We recognized one key step for many players in the lighting space was to create their own lighting application, with Ingy the market has a strong end-to-end offering  that enables any lighting company to hit the ground running”, says Teppo Hemiä, CEO at Wirepas.

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