6 start-ups to boost your building webinar

6 start-ups to boost your building webinar

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The world has changed in the past months tremendously. It brings us several new challenges, incl in building management sector. We believe that prop-tech startups have a remarkable role to contribute in solutions even more than ever! The focus is commercial real estate (CRE). How can we boost your building?


15.00 – 15.10 Moderator’s welcome
Sebastiaan Jager | R8tech, Netherlands Area Manager

15.10 – 15.20 “AI to boost your building’s health, efficiency and transparency”
Siim Täkker | R8tech, Co-founder & CEO
“R8tech has developed a remotely integrable diagnostics and indoor climate control solution for commercial buildings with BMS that brings 10-20% energy savings and lower CO2 and simplifies fault and anomalies detection.”

15.20 – 15.30 “Ingy intelligent sensors turn buildings smart”
Bastiaan de Groot | Ingy, Co-Founder & CEO
“Ingy turns buildings smart by integrating intelligent sensors in the lighting. This means that once the luminaires are installed in the ceiling, customers have high-quality, energy-efficient lighting and the building is immediately equipped with a wireless mesh network that forms the IoT backbone in the building.”

15.30 – 15.40 “Generating valuable market data out of your own data”
Titus Albrecht | Realxdata, Co-Founder & CEO
“We make the asset class commercial real estate transparent and globally accessible for every investor by building the leading data driven analysis solution for commercial real estate through integrating proprietary data, utilising crowdsourced data and structuring valuable public data.”

15.40 – 15.50 “Boosting mall revenues through advanced analytics”
Ricardo Santos | Heptasense, Co-Founder & CEO
“Our solution is a video analytics platform that provides insights about visitors’ metrics and motion patterns to help mall operators select tenants, optimize mall layout, and determine rents, to raise its revenues.”

15.50 – 16.00 “Savings and peace of mind”
Joe Hamari | Smartvatten, Co-Founder & VP Sales
“Smartvatten brings a scalable solution for property owners to digitalize water metering. This helps property owners to save time, money, minimize risks and improve sustainability.”

16.00 – 16.10 “Turning to contactless, safer office buildings, controlled via user’s smartphones”
Madis Laas | Ninja Solutions, Co-Founder & CEO
“The first contactless office building was launched by Ninja Solutions in March. Using the existing access control system, integrating elevators and parcel delivery, the building users can now open barriers without touching door-handles, elevator buttons or parcel lockers. Safely smartified.”

16.10 – 16.15 Moderator’s good-bye

This webinar is in English.

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