Multiple technical internship positions at well-funded IoT startup (MBO/HBO/University)

Do you believe the time of smart-buildings is now? Do you believe lighting will be the host for smart buildings technologies, and would you like to do an internship with us?

Who are we?

We are Ingy, a fast growing and well-funded start-up developing smart lighting and building systems. We were founded 2 years ago with a mission to deliver smart building technology at a far lower cost-price by integrating all required technology in the lighting. Since our start we have been moving very fast, having closed partnerships with multiple large global lighting companies, global leading smart building portal providers and a wide range of leading sensor providers.

Our technology is currently rolled out in leading projects. We have been widely recognized in the global and national media and have been nominated for multiple global awards as a leading Proptech start-up (see our news section).

We want you!

To ensure we have access to the highest quality of technical talent in the Netherlands we are opening our organization for several internship positions. As a start-up we always have a very long backlog of projects we would really like to initiate, but for which we might not have the resources right now, therefore we are pretty confident that based on your interests we can define a very interesting internship position for you working on one of our upcoming roadmap items or areas which can always use additional attention. 

Topics we would have in mind

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Using machine learning/advanced statistics, constrain optimization, radio signal processing, indoor positioning and UI design to improve our automatic sensor commissioning tooling (Msc or post-grad level)
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Extending our automatic test frameworks for testing the performance of our lighting control algorithms and our partners hardware design in real-life lighting control situations (Bachelor or Master level).
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Accessing and penetration testing our security design (Bachelor or Master level)
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Building example integrations and applications with many of the partners we are cooperating with including showing and demonstrating the capabilities of our system (Bachelor level).
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Working as an integral part of our support and system administration team, support and maintaining our growing IT systems setup (mainly Linux and VPN) and improving our tools and process (mainly build around a combination of Atlassian and Slack) (MBO/HBO level).
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However, we are also open for your suggestions for an internship or thesis subject that could be relevant to us. Study direction we believe might be most relevant to us include:

  • Computer science/software development
  • Electrical engineering
  • Wireless and large-scale mesh networking
  • Machine learning/Artificial intelligence/statistics
  • System administration and technical support (Linux / AWS)

Agility is key!

We operate in a fully agile development environment and an interest in (learning) the Agile philosophy would be key. Depending on your field of specialty and the level of your education of which the internship is part, you will be receiving day to day coaching and learning from one or multiple of our senior staff members.

Working for us

Do you want to get your foot in the door in working in a leading-edge start-up and do you want to experience working with the latest technologies and development methodologies used in the industry? No matter your educational level we are looking for candidates that can show they are at the top of their class and have the dedication and drive to reach the top of their abilities.

Get in contact and let us know your interests and requirements for an internship and lets see if we are a match.

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