DANLERS announces partnership to provide Ingy enabled lighting control sensors

February 13, 2020

DANLERS, a UK based controls designer and manufacturer, and INGY, a global leader in wireless smart lighting solutions, have announced a partnership to provide their customers with a wide range of DANLERS sensors with pre-loaded INGY smart lighting software. The product range will include both independent sensors (that can be used by customers in conjunction with standard luminaires from any lighting manufacturer) and sensor modules aimed at luminaire manufacturers (for easy integration into their products). The modules will be available in DALI, 0-10V and phase cut variants, providing compatibility with nearly every luminaire or driver currently being sold.

Kevin Johnstone, COO of DANLERS, said: “We are very excited to offer Ingy technology to our customers. We believe that the INGY solution has several unique features that set it apart in terms of scalability (beyond lighting functionality) and openness of the data – which will make it a welcome addition to our growing portfolio of ecosystem products. We are already seeing high demand for Ingy solutions and the first projects that our customers have delivered using Ingy technology have been very impressive.”

Bastiaan de Groot, CEO of INGY, said: “We are very happy to welcome DANLERS to our rapidly growing ecosystem of manufacturers that are providing Ingy enabled products. DANLERS is rapidly becoming a household name in the smart lighting world for providing excellent sensors, incorporating the latest smart lighting technology, and we are very impressed with DANLERS’ agility and flexibility in our joined projects so far.

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